Gluten free Wine

Finding Gluten Free wine

The debate about gluten free wine never seems to end. Wine is among the most controversial areas of the gluten free alcohol industry. Most people say that wine is inherently free of gluten as it is made from grapes and grains are not involved in its preservative process. However, some wines are aged in oak barrels that originally a contained glutinous substance. Other times the wine barrels are sealed with a gluten free winepaste made out of flour. The sealing paste can add gluten to the wine. This rarely happens but there is a possibility.Gluten sensitive people or people who suffer from celiac disease can enjoy drinking wine if they choose gluten free wine. People who are allergic to gluten can take red wine without experiencing nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, fatigue and other allergic effects caused by gluten intolerance.

So what is gluten free wine?

This is wine which has undergone organic and high sterilization. Wine is inherently gluten free because grapes are the key ingredient and they are gluten free. However, wine can become laden with gluten if it becomes cross contaminated. This occurs when the wooden barrels that are usually used as wine containers contain grain from their making process. The wine can also become cross contaminated if the holding barrel was used as a grain holder. This rarely happens especially in U.S made wines. However to be certain, it is advisable if you ask the wine manufacturer or maker if:

· The storage barrel containing the wine was sealed using a paste that contained gluten

· The barrels that were used to age the wine were made of oak. If it they are made of oak, they may have some grains left in them in the barrel making process. Only drink wines that are oak free

· Gluten or any other type of protein was used in fining the wine

· It has been certified by a gluten free authority

A wine that does not contain gluten is one that is made with stainless steel barrels. White one are the ones that are usually made with stainless steel barrel. Therefore, any type of white wine can be said to be gluten free. But, not all white wine is gluten free. Therefore, it is advisable to first read the label to learn about the processing method used by the wine maker on the product, or research extensively about the wine maker.When you find the right brand for wine that contains no gluten, stick to it. Read more here.

How then can you get a wine that is gluten free

Whether you are intolerant to gluten or you suffer from celiac disease ,finding gluten free products can be a daunting task. Choosing alcohol especially can be very challenging. While there are many food products well labelled gluten free,wine and other types of alcohol are no so well labelled.One way to choose gluten free wine is by choosing wine brands which have been labelled gluten free. Wines are generally gluten free but they have a high risk of cross contamination in the making process. A good wine is one that comes from a manufacturer who also goes ahead to give guarantee about his product. You can also choose organic red wines which are usually much healthier than the regular wine. Organic red wines are usually gluten free and thus you can comfortably take them. It is also advisable to avoid wine coolers as they are not free from gluten. Wine coolers usually contain barley malt that has gluten. If you can not be able to tell whether or not a wine cooler is wine based from theGluten free Wine information on the label, just avoid the product. The internet is also a very useful resource to find information about gluten free wine brands.

In conclusion if you are experiencing allergic reaction to wine, please seek immediate professional medical help. Sadly, there is no exact treatment for allergic reactions of allergies that will fix the problem immediately. Look for a way in which you can completely avoid taking alcoholic beverages that you are allergic to. This will allow you get by without risking your health. Whenever you crave for wine, go for wine that is made from Japanese plum or sparkling wines such as apple brandy. Italian grappa and mead are made from honey and thus they are also gluten free wines.To avoid allergic reactions from wine completely, avoid drinking. If you have to, please consult your nutritionist or your health care provider.

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